You are presented with tools which I developed for my own purpose (Not for a Company or Client). I intend to give these tools free... and will be free until I'am able to support with income from ads.

You can contact me here. You can contact me if you want anything specific done using Visual Basic .net. ΒΆ
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  1. 1. Datasmith
    Datasmith is a .NET based tool to write SQL and LInQ statements against any of your data sources. It is built on traditional Windows Forms technology and does not require addons besides .NET runtime.
    However you will still require providers for specific datasources which could be proprietary in nature. Otherwise standard ODBC would suffice in many occasions.

    It is tested to work with RDBMS data, Flat file data, Dynamic data like Task Manager(LInQ), Active Directory, .NET Namespaces, System Resources, etc.

    A LInQ query against your Data Source will also transliterate into Lambda expression, and Native SQL (Any DB... Ok).

    Release notes | Features | Install DataSmith 4.1 | Get DataSmith 2.6 | Get DataSmith 4.1 | P

    > Online Installation: Install DataSmith 4.1 directly installs the app in your PC.
    > Offline Instllation: Get DataSmith 4.1 will download a ZIP file to your PC.  Unblock the zip file in properties dialog of Windows Explorer.  Unzip the files into a new folder.  Execute the Setup.exe file.
  1. 2. MessageBox (MsgBox) for .NET
    Since we all started in XAML, both WPF and Silverlight - we have missed native availability of MsgBox(VB)/MessageBox(C#). There are several tools available online to fill this gap. This tool will be a natural equivalent to the missing MsgBox/MessageBox in WPF/Silverlight helping you with a natural transition during code migration from Windows Forms to WPF/Silverlight.

    > Download the DLL (one each for WPF and Silverlight project).
    > In Windows Explorer, goto file properties, Unblock this internet downloaded file.
    > Add it to your references in source code.
    > Import/Using the namespace in start of your source code.
    > Use all features of regular Msgbox/MessageBox as in pre .NET or as in Windows Forms project in your new WPF/Silverlight projects.

    Release notes | Features | MsgBox for WPF | MsgBox for Silverlight

Visual Studio Add Ons

  1. 1. LInQ to Entities Visualizer
    RV's L2E Visualizer is Visual Studio debug visualizer to view Lambda expression, generated Native query (with parameters if user writes), Data Source Connection properties, and Result of query.

    It is available for VS2008, VS010, and VS2012.  It also works in VS2013.

    While debugging, one may hover over the Object Query result (NOT if you use .ToList() in your linq query) and click on "RV's LInQ to Entity Visualizer" or add the ObjectQuery result variable to Watch Window and click the lens icon in Watch window.

    Newer versions will automatically identify connectible providers but will prompt you to choose one unless there is only one provider. If it could not identify a right provider, it will list all the installed providers for you to choose.

    In case you have more than one provider auto selected, try your query against each provider couple of times and find average performance of each provider. This helps you optimize your app performance.

    Release notes | Features | Get L2E Visualizer
  2. 2. ADO.NET Connection Visualizer
    Similar to LInQ to Entities Visualizer, this connection visualizer helps viewing the connection details and execute SQL statements.

    Release notes | Features | Get ADO Connection Visualizer

SQL Server Addons

  1. 1. Search for your data with spelling mistake tolerance in SQL Server [Damerau-Levenshtein distance]
    All the time when you want to search for data in SQL server, you write SELECT statements. In case your data is expected to have spelling mistakes... you use wildcards like % or *. This method of using wildcard may result in mixed result.

    Say for example you want to search in a column (LastName) for a value 'Schwarzenegger'. If the data => 'Schwarzenegger' entry is done by different people, the data could have different spellings.

    In such case, use this assembly in your SQL Server and write SELECT statements tolerent to spellings !!!

    Usage: 'select * from BioData where dbo.DamLevDisCLR(LastName,'Schwarzenegger',1)>=80'

    Here the column 'LastName' having string values 'Schwarzenegger' with a spelling mistake tolerance of 20%, in other words spelling matching with more than 80% accuracy.  Third parameter 1 for case sensitivity matching. 0 = ignore case and 1 = match case.

    Release notes | Features | Get Damerau-Levenshtein assembly | Create your own with source code