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L2E Visualizer Release Notes

RV's LInQ to Entities Visualizer Release Notes

Released Version Description
30-Sep-2013 for VS2012 View native SQL for debugged LInQ Object [L2E Entity Object. Not after .ToList()]

Choose from possible connecting providers and check query performance

Change connection string parameters and query parameters in Native SQL

Export query output to MS Excel. Does not require MS Excel installation. Does not use MS Office Automation or Open Source tools to create Excel file
27-Aug-2010 for VS2010 1. WPF version seamlessly syncs with Visual Studio 2010. Click here for non WPF version in case you require
2. Manage (Add/Edit/Remove) query parameters. Parameter types depend on datasource - datatypes. This is optional to select
3. If native SQL is modified, Lamda expression stays original. You must click "Save SQL" in order to execute modified SQL
4. Adjust the size of Expression, Native SQL, Parameter area, Execution log, and Connection property using splitter
5. If your Visual Studio 2010 hangs, use this single thread version (

Note: WPF property grid taken from [WPG C# code modified to handle error caused while fetching server info when DB connection is in closed state]
26-Jun-2010 2.1.5 for VS2010 1. Export to Excel bug resolved
2. Support for Unicode in Export to Excel. 3. Query result displays number of rows and columns
08-May-2010 2.1.3 for VS2010 RV's LInQ to Entity debug Visualizer for Visual Studio 2010 * A similar version compared to earlier one. Next version to have
1. Option to support parameters in SQL
2. Have "RV's SQL to LInQ query" visualizer. This option will help you visualize your native SQL (of any datasource) as LInQ query
03-Sep-2009 1.0 for VS2008 RV's LInQ to Entity debug Visualizer for Visual Studio 2008
1. Download the DLL into "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\Packages\Debugger\Visualizers" or equivalent in your PC
2. Create edmx file in your VS solution for any database you use. [For Db2 use client provider version 9.7 and above]
3. In debug mode, execute a LInQ query in IDE. Post execution hover over the resultant object to find the down arrow near magnifier glass to see "RV's LInQ to Entity Visualizer". You have to click "Execute" button in appearing window to see results. You have to close the result window to see the query execution log
4. The first time clicking "Execute" button may take little more time than normal (5-20 seconds). Please be patient.
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